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Jackson Street

We’re happy to announce the fifteenth Thomas Black is now available. The Kindle version can be found here. The trade paperback version can be found here. If you’re shopping at Barnes and Noble it’s here. In this caper Thomas Black once again finds himself in trouble. In his 15th appearance Read more →

Here’s what I’ve been working on lately. We’re republishing some of my favorite fire thrillers. First is Into the Inferno. It will very shortly be available in Kindle and Nook. Soon thereafter, we’ll get it out in a paperback version. We’re just waiting for the final proofs in the mail. Read more →

Interview with the author on the occasion of publishing of Two Miles of Darkness

Q: You just came out with Two Miles of Darkness. What are your thoughts? A:  It’s been almost two years since Monica’s Sister. My goal is to write one book a year, but the schedule got some sand in the gears thanks to some extended talks with a publisher which, Read more →


A diligent reader has brought to my attention the fact that the first published version of Two Miles of Darkness had several typos. For reasons unknown to me, the penultimate version rather than the final proofed copy originally went to press and was published in error. This has since been Read more →

Two Miles of Darkness now available

Two Miles of Darkness is now available in trade paperback at Barnes and Noble or trade paperback at Amazon. The e-version is on sale at Kobo, Barnes and Noble and Amazon. Just click on the highlighted store name to see the buy page. I’ve noticed a lot of people are Read more →


Two Miles of Darkness, the latest Thomas Black mystery, is coming out on September 25, 2015.  There will be a trade paperback version as well as a Kindle, Nook, and Kobo ebook issue. If you would like to pre-order, you can do it here for Kindle and here for Kobo. So Read more →

Cape Disappointment available again

Cape Disappointment is now available in e-book format on Kindle and Nook versions.  Cape is the 12th mystery in the Thomas Black series and was originally published in 2009 with Ballantine Books. A new trade paperback version is also in the works and should be ready in a week or so, available Read more →

Dear Reader

  I’ve had a few people ask questions of me recently. Here are some of the answers. On work: I am retired from the Seattle Fire Department. I retired in 2010 after 32 1/2  years. I thought it was the best job on the planet while I was doing it, Read more →

These flowers are perfect, my prose is not

Unlike just about any manmade object, this field of buttercups is about perfect. I try hard to eliminate all the typos and assorted mis-spacings that occur in any manuscript but I don’t catch everything. Neither do my proofreaders. If you see anything in any of my electronic books or the Read more →

Interview with the Author — part II

Top of Mount Si, 4167′, mid December 2013, facing Seattle which is fogged in. You’ve just brought out Monica’s Sister in trade paper? How was that process and what are your thoughts on it? Originally I was planning to write more Thomas Black mysteries for e-format only, but there were Read more →