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kindlecoverHere’s what I’ve been working on lately. We’re republishing some of my favorite fire thrillers. First is Into the Inferno. It will very shortly be available in Kindle and Nook. Soon thereafter, we’ll get it out in a paperback version. We’re just waiting for the final proofs in the mail. If I could write a book this good every time out I’d be writing twenty-four hours a day.


Also, I’m translating The Smoke Room for e-book versions. This may be my favorite.

On the other side of the desk, Jackson Street, the latest Thomas Black, is being copyedited as I write this. It should be out, with luck, by the end of this year.

  1. shadowalking Said,

    Thank you! I’m always excited for a new Thomas Black. Each one is a gem.


    Delighted to see you are republishing so that a whole new group of folks can get to know your terrific characters and writing, and THRILLED that there will be a new book coming out! Can’t wait!

  3. Dan Guyer Said,

    I’m two thirds the way through Two Miles of Darkness. Should finish it soon. Then it’s on to the new G.M. Ford, Leo Waterman while I wait for your next offering. As much as I enjoy the T. Black series, the fire thrillers were the best. I’ll definitely get them on my Kindle to re-read.

  4. Muna Said,

    Very cool that you are working on so many projects! Of course, we’re excited about another Thomas Black. 🙂

  5. Delores Nelson Said,

    Glad to hear Thomas Black is on a new case. Looking forward to this fall and the new story

  6. darlene ackley Said,

    Your firefighter books are my favs.

  7. Deb Said,

    Great news all around

  8. Matthew Gore Said,

    Glad to hear that there’s another Thomas Black on the way! They’re my favorite of yours, and among my very favorites, period. He’s such a great combination of Nero Wolfe and Archie, but local. I’ll add it to my Christmas list now. Two Miles was the best Black since the 1990s… hope that the next one can keep up.

  9. nobody Said,

    Did you die? Thomas Black needs to investigate.

  10. admin Said,

    Jackson Street is still in the pipeline. I thought it would be through the post-production activity long before this. The holdup right now is beyond my control. I’m guessing early this summer, which makes it a year late.

  11. James Reierson Said,

    Would you be able to advise when and how I can get the new Jackson Street book?
    Thanks Jim Reierson (spokane, WA)

  12. Constance M Davis Said,

    Been on my mind recently–waaay too long since I have seen a new Earl Emerson, and I am looking forward with hay anticiation to seeing “Jackson Street.” Good luck in getting this out soon! Love your books–really LOVE your books!

  13. Paul Clark Said,

    Greetings, Earl. I’ve just finished reading “Monica’s Sister” and “Two Miles of Darkness”, both of them being obtained through Barnes and Noble, and absolutely loved them! I liked the subtle references to Seattle fire stations in both books, and the reference to Mac Fontana in “Two Miles of Darkness”. Perhaps the best entertainment was the inside joke about summer in Seattle in “Two Miles of Darkness”. That was classic; Having lived in Gig Harbor for awhile after my own retirement from the fire service in Sacramento, CA, I “got it”. I laughed so hard, I had tears in my eyes! Many thanks for a good belly laugh. I just ordered “Jackson Street” through B and N; It became available in paperback on 03 NOV 17. Again, many thanks for pleasurable reading on cold, wet nights.

  14. David Mitchell, Austin, TX Said,

    Just finished Jackson Street. I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Emerson in North Bend in 2014, after Two Miles of Darkness but before anything else had been published. We got to talk for a while. I told him that, in my modest opinion, you could see a bit of rust in that book, that it kind of took him about 1/4 of the book to get back into his rhythm, but boy he did. In Jackson Street, it takes maybe 12 pages. By page 12, he’s into old form, like his 3rd or 4th Thomas Black series form, fluid prose flowing out like smooth honey. Jackson Street is as good as any of his best, and so much fun from beginning to the end. Thanks for working out your publishing and putting out another wonderful tale. Not sure how you do it, but thankful.

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