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Mysteries, thrillers, home of PI Thomas Black

The five books in the Mac Fontana series are now on Kindle and Nook.



Filled with firefighting lore and techniques that inform and enrich the plot and characters . . . Earl Emerson deserves to be acknowledged as a unique and gifted writer . . . He is a master with his own narrative style.  The Bloomsbury Review

Earl Emerson is quickly becoming one of the best mystery writers around. San Pedro News-Pilot
Quite simply, Earl Emerson is the best there is. Mystery News

Earl Emerson laces firefighting lore—the danger, the grisly humor—with corruption, elusive identities and haunting images. He paints characters and images that stay with you after you put the book down. Chicago Sun-Times
A gripping mix of tensions and humor . . . stunningly handled by an expert storyteller. Publisher’s Weekly






















  1. Miriam Lancaster Said,

    Sometimes I’ve found your out of print books (used) at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park. Some are even autographed!

  2. mary stewart Said,

    Dear mr. emmerson, mad fontana is my favorite. I always feel kind of creeped out by Thomas’ and Kathy’s red hot love. Next I like the fire stand alones. Just an opinion. I like books where people work, and you find out about something in the world. thanks, Mary

  3. Bobbie Vaughan Said,

    Okay, now I’m hooked on your books, or should I say, your way of writing…being a Seattleite, I am so familiar with the areas you write about. I think Thomas Black lived around the corner where I lived in the eighties…he, he.

    Now that I am awaiting for number thirteen, I am going to fill in all the rest of your books.
    I do have the Mac Fontana books, and the fireman, Troy Brown, haven’t read yet, but do have all but the one called,
    “Fill the World with Phantoms”. I have searched everywhere for it, to no avail. Abe Books at least referenced it, saying it is a hard to find book, but they have it for $275.00 plus S&H. Amazon.com has never even heard of the book. What gives?
    I’d appreciate an answer, but I also am deleriously in love with Thomas Black. Lucky Kathy. They make such a great couple. Keep up the good work, EWE.

  4. admin Said,

    “Fill the World with Phantoms” was my very first book. I would call it a practice book. Some collectors have put a premium on it, because it is very hard to find, but I would prefer that it wasn’t read, so I don’t promote it and have no plans to bring it out in e-book form, which would be quite easy to do.

  5. Verna R. Said,

    I moved into Fremont in north Seattle in 1973. I would go shopping at the Marketime grocery store in that neighborhood. In the 80s I realized they had paperback books in that store for two local authors. One was J.A. Jance and the other was Earl Emerson. I read the first of both of your books by buying them at that store. Then every book that was published, just as soon as it came out, I bought. So, I have purchased every one of your books and everyone of J.A. Jance’s books as they have come out. I love both of you!! I love that your books take place in Seattle and the northwest. I was born in Seattle and have lived all of my 64 years here. One of your books was about zoo docents and you mentioned this apartment building just south of the zoo with the courtyard in the middle. I lived in Fremont as a young child and walked by that building many times. In fact I loved the book Secret Garden and I wanted to buy that building and make it into a “manor house” when I was a kid. So, when I saw the building as one of the main locations in your book, I was very thrilled! I also loved your fireman books. I like to learn from books and I thought that you taught all of us a lot about firefighting and what it takes to be a firefighter in your books.


    when is a new Mac Fontana book coming out? love the THomas Black series as well.

  7. admin Said,

    I don’t have one planned. I love the Fontana’s myself but just haven’t gotten around to going back to them. I’m currently working on another Black.

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