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The Rainy City, Poverty Bay and Nervous Laughter were all originally published as paperback originals at Avon Books. They were later published by Ballantine Books and are still in print with Ballantine.

Note: The Rainy City, Poverty Bay and Nervous Laughter were all given new covers when Ballantine bought the rights to them from Avon Books. I’ve never been very pleased with these three covers and you shouldn’t be, either. They do not reflect the product. The maxim don’t judge a book by it’s cover goes triple here.

Reviews for Nervous Laughter:

“Destined to rank among the best of the new generation of American private eye writers.”
–Chicago Sun-Times

Thomas Black hits P.I. pay dirt when he shadows a alleged philanderer to a tryst. But instead of two illicit lovers, he finds two bodies, an apparent murder-suicide. The dead man’s grieving widow doesn’t believe her late husband pulled the trigger–on his lover or himself.

Everyone–including Black’s own sexy client–seems to be hiding something. Maybe the name of the murdered man’s equally dead girlfriend, Bea Hindenburg, should have warned Black that this case was destined to crash and burn. . . .

“Emerson’s sense of creating lean plot and dialogue improves with each book.” –The Seattle Times

Here’s the e-book cover by Cinelli.



You can read excerpts or purchase it for $4.99 for Kindle here or the Nook from Barnes and Noble here.


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