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Mysteries, thrillers, home of PI Thomas Black

We’re happy to announce the fifteenth Thomas Black is now available.

The Kindle version can be found here. The trade paperback version can be found here. If you’re shopping at Barnes and Noble it’s here.

In this caper Thomas Black once again finds himself in trouble.

In his 15th appearance in the multi-award winning Thomas Black mystery series, Thomas is ambushed by unknown assailants on a Washington State ferry, pitched overboard and left for dead in Puget Sound. Thomas suspects the attack may be linked to the police brutality suit he’s investigating for his attorney wife, Kathy. After he is rescued from the sound, things heat up when Thomas stumbles upon a mummy as a consequence of tailing a local businessman with ties to the mayor’s office. At first the mummy seems unrelated to his work or the attack on him, but the corpse is gradually linked to several players in the case, including, oddly enough, Kathy’s client. As Thomas continues to investigate, he begins to unravel a conspiracy of murder and racial animus dating back almost two decades.

  1. Kathleen Nelson Said,


  2. Clark Richard M. Said,

    The LA County library system has none of your books after 2009. They need prodding.

  3. Jacque Collitt Said,


  4. Dave Clark Said,

    I have been waiting a long time for this!

  5. Alan Blalock Said,

    I read the hardcover, and it was as awesome as usual. Read them all, and the quality never wavers. Thank you or continual great reading. Alan Blalock

  6. JC Said,


  7. Deb Said,

    Ordering it now!

  8. Paul Clark Said,

    Hi all. Just finished “Jackson Street” this past Sunday night. I received it in paperback through B and N around Thanksgiving. Great story!! I liked the way Earl mentioned, slyly, the new Seattle Fire Station 6, and Ezell’s Chicken near Garfield High. I used to go to the Ezell’s location in Tacoma a couple of times a month, when I lived in Gig Harbor, WA. Although the next book won’t be out for a while, I eagerly look forward to seeing it. I’ve now caught up on reading all of Earl’s works thus far. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be a fan of his PI mysteries, but now, I can’t get enough of Thomas and his antics. Earl’s style of writing pulls you in very quickly. Again, kudos for a great story, and series!!

  9. Eva Johnson Said,

    So excited! Can’t wait th o read itee

  10. Jon Herman Said,

    Earl, happy to see a new Thomas Black novel! I still have to read Two Miles of Darkness first, then on to this one. I’ve enjoyed your books for many years. Thanks for the great stories!

  11. Bruce Richie Said,

    Hi Earl! City employee for 15 years now and have followed and loved your writing for years. I’m now 20% thru Jackson Street on Kindle and I’m really into the story but appalled at the huge amount of typo’s. “C” “=“ and “@“ are popping up thru out the narrative. Is it my internet connection or your proofreaders?

  12. Dan Guyer Said,

    What happened to the Kindle version? No longer available on Amazon and your link doesn’t work.

  13. admin Said,

    This is in reply to both you and Bruce Richie. We’re going over the formatting one last time. The book should be back online after the first of the year.

  14. Bruce Richie Said,


  15. Mike Baker Said,

    I just finished Jackson Street. Fantastic! I absolutely loved it. I’ve read all your books and own most of them. Thomas Black is my favorite by far. His adventures are fun and his sense of humor very much appreciated. Thank you for creating such a thoughtful character.

  16. No one Said,

    Ugh, I wanted to read this while visiting the in-laws. Not on Kindle and not in store at my B&N. Now I may actually have to talk to someone.

  17. James Ferguson Said,

    Please send out another email when its available for the Kindle.

  18. Kate Said,

    Can’t wait to read this book, I requested that the Seattle Public Library add it to their collection, as well. It doesn’t look like it is available via kindle on Amazon, I just checked?!?

  19. Bruce Said,

    Just finished Jackson Street…what a ride! Certainly timely. Loved the descriptions of neighborhoods and places in this novel. Hope to see Emma in more stories in future. IMHO, the best Thomas Black adventure yet! Please keep writing them!

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