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Yellow Dog Party is the first in a trilogy consisting of YDP, The Portland Laugher and The Vanishing Smile. I call this the Birchfield trilogy. They are best read in the sequence listed.

“Among the best of a new generation of P.I. American writers.” Chicago Sun-Times

“A laugher of a case . . . (Yellow Dog Party is) going to give the competition, Parker and Lutz, for example, a few jealous twinges.”  Kirkus Reviews

“A clever, well-paced mystery . . . (with a) hard-boiled, wise-cracking detective.” Publisher’s Weekly

From Publishers Weekly

The hard-boiled, wisecracking detective with a heart of gold is alive (just barely) and not well at all when we first meet him in this clever, well-paced mystery. Hired by four area businessmen to locate the women of their dreams, Seattle private eye Thomas Black (last seen in Deviant Behavior ) soon finds himself up a tree, nearly lynched, by three thugs in Miss Piggy masks. What began as a routine–if somewhat odd–case immediately becomes for Black a cause. Determined to ferret out the identities of the hangmen to settle his own vendetta while on a case tracking down the “dream woman” who got him into trouble with them in the first place, he uncovers long-buried secrets that quickly lead to murder. Emerson, a lieutenant with the Seattle fire department, doesn’t miss a beat in carving out his detective’s niche in the genre: from the stunning sidekick–Black is much too proud to admit his love for her–to the missing woman’s abandoned daughters–whom he takes in and comes to adore–we see a man who is far more than just some remote sleuth out to get a job done.
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From Kirkus Reviews

Detective Thomas Black, Seattle’s answer to Boston’s Spenser, finds a laugher of a case: four middle-aged, successful but middling unhappy guys hire him to trace, and then arrange dates with, their dreamgirls (a former high-school cheerleader; a Mariner season ticket-holder; a porn pinup; a former TV newscaster). But the job all too quickly turns brutal when one of Thomas’s leads is battered into a coma; her two kids are tracked by goons who want them bad enough to hang Thomas (almost fatally) for information; and when one of the men looking for a date is murdered, along with a transvestite relative of the ex-cheerleader. Could the dates be a cover-up for something else? Thomas eventually ties one of the foursome to a 20-year-old hit-and-run case, as well as to a dirty cop on his own payroll who killed to keep his secret. Mean and lean with genially tongue-in-cheek patter between Thomas and his ladylove, lawyer Kathy. Though less than top-notch for Emerson, it’s still going to give the competition–Parker and Lutz, for example–a few jealous twinges. — Copyright ©1991, Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved. –This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

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