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Until I discovered this cover at Amazon on the Large Print edition of this book, I hadn’t seen it. Interesting.









capecolordiff2Here’s the new ebook cover by Cinelli. Cape Disappointment is now available at Kindle, Nook, and also here as a trade paperback.

  1. AnneDK Said,

    I suspect I have enough physical books, so I thought to catch up with Thomas Black by getting this one for my Kindle, but it looks like it’s not available? Any idea when it will be available as an e-book?

  2. admin Said,

    Cape Disappointment was given back to me last year. I have yet to go through the process of getting Cinelli to do a cover. Then there’s all the technical work of putting it on Nook and Kindle. Perhaps sometime late this summer? Not a promise just my hope.

  3. AnneDK Said,

    I hope too since I’d prefer to read Cape Disappointment before Monica’s Sister – of course there’s always the book option …

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