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What’s Next?

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Now that Two Miles of Darkness is completed I’m finishing up Jackson Street, the next Thomas Black novel. It’s based on a real incident in the neighborhood of my former fire station in Seattle wherein a mummified body was found in the attic of a business. I’ve been thinking about that body for a long time, wondering how it got there and who killed him, and what his story was. Jackson Street is my answer to those questions.






  1. E. A. Booze Said,

    I just finished Cape Disappointment.. Very convoluted but I could not put it down. However all of your books are like this. Now I have read every book in that series. My life is going to be on hold until the 13th Thomas Black comes out.

    I have shared your books with friends and they love the stories. I do believe you have developed a following.
    Please consider emailing me when your next book is ready to hit the shelves

    Elizabeth Booze

  2. Trapper Graves-Lalor Said,

    I agree. “Cape Disappointment” was a GREAT book. I found it to be very intricate and subtle, with so much going on that you really needed to sit down and read this book. Skimming could cost you a large clue. Thanks for another stunning foray with Thomas Black. I’ve missed him.

  3. Vivian Nelson Said,

    I think I have read (and kept) all of your books. I did not know Cape Disappointment existed until I recently found it at a book sale. Boy, do I hate being left up in the air. Looking forward to your next book that continutes the thread. Will that be Monica’s Sister?


  4. admin Said,


    Monica’s Sister is another Thomas Black, if that’s what you mean, but it is not related in any way to Cape Disappointment. This website will keep people informed. Right now Monica’s Sister is sitting at the slowest publishing house in America. I really want to be with them, so I will remain patiently waiting for their reply, to publish or not.

  5. Vivian Nelson Said,

    Please keep me updated

  6. Deron Bissett, Ph.D. Said,

    Glad to hear you’re moving into retirement with two books in the works. Meanwhile, I’ll enjoy your blog!

  7. Jesse Bowers Said,

    I just wanted to say thank you. Your books got me reading again. It has been a long time since you started the Thomas Black series, but I have read them all and I am anxiously awaiting the next installments.

  8. Guy Goebel Said,

    I’m hooked on Thomas Black and look forward to reading your next 2 novels. Stopped by the Seattle Mystery Bookshop the other day and spent an hour discussing your publisher/Thomas Black problem. They, also, are dedicated fans. I look forward to settling in with some good reads in the near future.

  9. A. Haury Said,

    I would like to see and read more Mac Fontana follow up stories. I also like your stand alone books. Keep writing, Thomas Black is the greatest dectective. Keep him comming

  10. Joni Beasley Said,

    I am waiting impatiently for “Two Miles of Darkness “! How soon til publishing? Joni Beasley

  11. admin Said,

    The original plan was June of 2014 for Two Miles of Darkness but unforeseen events have intervened and it may be a little longer. I’ll keep you posted on this website. The earliest now would be September 1st. Sorry to keep you waiting.

  12. Laurel Said,

    Are there any plans for more Fontana or fire related novels?

  13. admin Said,


    Thanks for the question. I’m taking my projects one at a time. Right now I’m finishing up a Thomas Black. After that, who knows? I’m not thinking about doing another Fontana or another fire novel anytime soon, but that doesn’t rule it out.

  14. Mark Stadlin Said,

    Hello, finished “Monica’s Sister” last year. When is the release date for the next Thomas Black novel. Your site says postponed till 9/1 but still no listing. I prefer !st print hardcovers to collect, but will settle for trade softcover. Still not loving reading on a tablet.

  15. mary g Said,

    hi. just found out about the new-ish book, monica’s sister. i have called my local indie bookstore to order it. cannot wait! i’m a very old, long time fan of both series. my back copies are old and tattered, but still on my bookshelves. unlike some other authors i used to read. do love reading about seattle…..so close to home!
    i don’t do ebooks. please hurry with the latest book, i have to have more thomas black!

  16. mary Said,

    I DON’T DO E BOOKS but I love love love Thomas Black. I haven’t found Monica’s Sister, Two miles of Darkness or Jackson Street.

  17. admin Said,

    Monica’s Sister and Two Miles of Darkness are both available in trade paperback from Amazon books. They are also available in many northwest libraries. Jackson Street is largely finished but not yet published. The holdup is that my favorite proofer has been ill and I’m not willing to use somebody else. Be patient.

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