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  1. Bob Withrow Said,

    I guess my favorite thing to do is firefighting, but I can barely get around because of a stroke and a heart attack. Did fire work for 19 years and social services for 28.5 yrs. I spent a couple years on a USFS IHC in SOCAL and a couple years on an engine, helitack foreman, a year in a tower, 3 years at the National Interagency Fire Center, 2 years as the first Fire Protection Forester for Guam, a year as a crew boss on a slash burning crew,and 7 years as a volunteer firefighter and officer. Needless to say I enjoy your fire novels.


  2. Harvey "Harv" Larson Said,

    I am a fairly prolific reader of all types of novels by numerous authors and I regret that ’til recently, never read anything written by you. Just finished “The Portland Laugher” and am searching for more of your works. Finally found a goldmine of penmanship

  3. admin Said,

    Thanks. I try.

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