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Mysteries, thrillers, home of PI Thomas Black



Here is my favorite Thomas Black. Number 9 in the series, it’s the book wherein Snake is really introduced, though he shows up in at least one earlier work. He is the client; Thomas is the investigator. Kathy is the defense attorney.

You can find it for only $4.99 at Amazon for Kindle here.

It is also available on Nook here. It is best right now to link my titles for Nook here, as the Barnes and Noble site is hopelessly muddled, at least as far as my series goes. I wish I knew how to get into their electronic shelves and straighten things out. But that’s . . . just another project.

From the Los Angeles Times: “The early scene where the corpse is discovered, which includes witty and brittle banter between Black and his new wife, Kathy, and, eventually, the snide comments of the world’s most annoying homicide detective, is so perfectly woozy it produces a nearly euphoric effect.”

Kirkus said: “hands down the wildest Thomas Black novel of them all.”

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