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Mysteries, thrillers, home of PI Thomas Black

monicassister#7Monica’s Sister is out now in e-book format. This is the 13th Thomas Black and the first novel Earl Emerson has published since 2009.

You can it find here for Kindle readers.

And here for Nook readers.

And here on Kobo.

Note to readers: If you enjoy this mystery please consider writing a review for the online bookstore where you purchased it. Online reviews have taken the place of the marketing department. Also, please tell your friends about this. Your word of mouth replaces the publicity department, also defunct. If you’ve been waiting a long time for a new Earl Emerson novel I can only apologize for the delay. My next Black is nearly complete and will take less time to reach the public than Monica’s Sister. I know a lot of you don’t use e-readers and I apologize for not putting out a paper version at this time.

  1. Mary Ratcliffe Said,

    Yay! Another Black! So glad to see this, and look forward to more new books from you. I may have to loan my Nook to mom (Sandy Dengler) for this. . .

  2. Brent Slobodin Said,

    Great news, Earl. Unfortunately. I live in Canada and will have to wait a while for the new book. Do you have any sense of how long it will take to get it out on Kobo oriBooks as I can access those? I love your Thomas Black series and have read every single one of them.

  3. admin Said,

    I’m working on the Kobo version today and have run into a technical difficulty. Actually, their process seems pretty straightforward, if I can only get some technical person to fix the one glitch I’ve run across in their software. Trust me, it’s their software, not my brain, although in most cases with computers and me it’s the other way around. I’m hoping Kobo will be inputted today or tonight, which means it will probably go online tomorrow or the next day. It takes a while for them to verify everything. Thanks for your patience.

  4. Marianne Henderson Said,

    So glad this book is on Kindle because I do use Kindle (e-reader) for all my reading now because the books I’ve read would fill a landfill – why I started reading them this way. Excited to read it! Ty for the notification.

  5. Gail McMullan Said,

    Am so glad to see a new Thomas Black books!!!! Bring him back more often!!!

  6. elizabeth Said,

    When do you think you’ll have this book in paper? I have all your books. Some hard back and but most paperback. I can’t add a E-book to my collection. It isn’t right.

  7. admin Said,

    I was thinking about bringing it out in paper right before or right after the Christmas holidays. Right now I’m having so much trouble with the technical aspects of Kobo and I-books I’m thinking about quitting the whole business. I’ve got the Kindle and Nook process down, but I’ve got nothing but problems with these other two. So, yes. Perhaps around the holidays.

  8. ELIZAbeth Said,

    Yeah! I am going to put on my Christmas list. !
    Hope I can get a signed copy!

  9. Debbie Said,

    I just found out you released a new book, I am so looking forward to reading this on my Nook. I look forward to more Thomas Black stories. My husband and I are big fans of all your books.

  10. bcl Said,

    I’m not going to get anything else done this weekend, am I?

  11. readerpj Said,

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I am a huge fan and have been looking forward to your new work for some time. The way you write makes me feel like I am a part of the scene — not an observer. I feel like your writing envelopes me. I could “listen with my eyes” for hours and hours.

  12. Michelle Said,

    Please have your publisher make it available from OverDrive so that libraries can make it available! Thanks!!

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