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THUMBNAIL_IMAGE Monica’s Sister, the latest Thomas Black mystery, is now available in trade paperback. This is not a mass market paperback, but a larger volume the size of a hardcover.  Because of some of the printer’s restrictions, it will not be available in many bookstores.

It can be found here at Createspace where the author receives the highest royalty. If you eschew the very largest corporations, Barnes and Noble has it here for a $1.30 less. Or you can get it from the very largest corporation selling books at Amazon where the book is the same price as at B&N, $13.37.

It has been available for $8.99 on e-readers since late July: Monica’s Sister on Kindle, or Monica’s Sister on Nook.

Feel free to post a review to Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Goodreads if you like the book. These reviews can be an enormous help to an author and trust me, each one is read and appreciated.

Jacket copy for Monica’s Sister:

In the thirteenth installment of this award-winning private eye series, Seattle sleuth Thomas Black agrees to do a favor for a longtime friend of Kathy’s, Angela Bassman, who quickly gets him entangled in a messy relationship between philandering billionaire, Clark Lloyd Self and his famous ex-model wife, Monica Pennington. Complications ensue when Self’s gargantuan Rhodes-scholar bodyguard and his sniggering buddy begin harassing Black and Angela. When Angela ends up dead, her sister hires Black to investigate her last weeks, sending Black on a Byzantine odyssey in which he nearly loses his life and ends up discovering more about each sister’s mysterious past than either of them ever wanted him to know.

  1. CDB Said,

    I did order it from Uncle Edgar’s in Minneapolis, my small bit to keep the brick and mortar stores open.

  2. Roger G. Said,

    I decided to go with createspace. Curiously, they are an Amazon company. Too bad there isn’t an autographed option.
    I recently had a business trip to the PNW area. So very beautiful. Sadly, I just missed the end of summer and it was raining almost the entire time, LOL. Can’t wait to get back and see more of your stomping ground.
    Thanks for the hard work Mr. Emerson and all the best to you, the Mrs., Kitty and your desk. 🙂
    I can’t wait to hold Monica’s sister in my hands.

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