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Horse pasture in the Snoqualmie Valley, May 2014

Horse pasture in the Snoqualmie Valley, May 2014

Unlike just about any manmade object, this field of buttercups is about perfect. I try hard to eliminate all the typos and assorted mis-spacings that occur in any manuscript but I don’t catch everything. Neither do my proofreaders. If you see anything in any of my electronic books or the paper version of Monica’s Sister, please drop me a line so I can fix it.

Molly sent me notice that I’d used “hoards” when I meant “hordes.” Wow. Didn’t see that one.

  1. Marianne Said,

    Unlike most books I read that were written since “spell check” has been around, your books are
    well done.

  2. Robert Mathews Said,

    I thought once that I had made a mitake, but I was wrong!

  3. shadowalking Said,

    Hmmm. I guess I’ll have to read it again. I enjoyed it so much that any typos there might have been were not on the radar. Looking forward to the next one! Book, that is, not typo. 😉

  4. kat Said,

    Way to GO, Molly! I find typos in books pretty often and I missed it! If Earl were not such a HUMBLE man, he would have done what I do. I write the bulletin for my church. When someone catches a mistake I say, “CONGRATULATIONS! You will a home made rhubarb pie!” and pretend it was a contest…

  5. Annie Said,

    Speaking of typos: “…You will(???) a home made…”

    Sorry, couldn’t stop myself.


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