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Rough mock-up of new cover


I’ve had a few people ask questions of me recently. Here are some of the answers.

On work: I am retired from the Seattle Fire Department. I retired in 2010 after 32 1/2  years. I thought it was the best job on the planet while I was doing it, and I still think so. Of course, there is the job of novelist. That’s pretty good, too.

On bringing back past characters: I have resurrected Thomas Black, the Seattle-based private eye who was featured in my first series. Monica’s Sister has been out for a while and soon I’ll bring out Two Miles of Darkness. You might notice that even though thirty years have passed since the series started, Thomas and Kathy haven’t aged much. The world has changed and if you read the books straight through, you might notice in the earlier books Thomas uses a pay phone and has no computer access.  These days he uses the Internet and cell phones to track the bad guys. I have no intention of aging these characters, even though the technology of their lives is changing with the times.

On writing another Fontana: I would like to someday write another Fontana, but so far the muse hasn’t struck. When and if Fontana and Brendan and Mayor Mo ever come back, they won’t have aged at all and, unlike the Black series, I wouldn’t allow the world around them to age. Thus, should Fontana and company come back, they would still be living in a small town in the Cascade foothills in the 1980’s.

  1. Ken Kramer Said,

    Thanks for the update! Looking forward to the next story!

  2. shadowalking Said,

    Thank you so much for resurrecting Thomas Black. Those books are among my very favourite, and I happily devour each new book, not stopping until it’s done. I’m looking forward to the next installment.

  3. Janet Said,

    Any chance on a new fire thriller?

  4. admin Said,

    Probably not for a while, if ever. Again, the muse.

  5. Joanne Comper Said,

    Thanks very much for your update! I love both the Thomas Black and Fontana books and look forward to the new Thomas Black. Hopefully you have been enjoying retirement as I have.

  6. Korilean Said,

    me too!

  7. kat Said,

    Good plan on the Fontana Series.

  8. Mississippidiva Said,

    I love the Thomas Black series and am so glad you brought him back. Looking forward to the new book.

  9. Tony Said,

    Need fontana back. A very enjoyable series.

  10. adenison1 Said,

    I first discovered you through Max Fontana back around, ’97.
    Love the Black mysteries as well as your fire thrillers.
    Many of the three Genres I’ve read again a time or two.
    All in all….got me a real hankerin’ for the ‘further adventures of Max Fontana.’
    If in some small way I might give the Max Muse a nudge….. I’ve put in a call to Mount Olympus and left a message with Zeus.

    Al Denison

  11. Mary Kurtak Said,

    Hi Earl,

    I am a recent fan of your work and am caught up with Thomas Black. I live near Seattle and so enjoy the place descriptions.
    I have many books to read so I will get busy:)


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