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capecolordiff2Cape Disappointment is now available in e-book format on Kindle and Nook versions.  Cape is the 12th mystery in the Thomas Black series and was originally published in 2009 with Ballantine Books. A new trade paperback version is also in the works and should be ready in a week or so, available on Amazon, among other places. We’re just waiting for the page proofs to come in the mail.

Cape Disappointment has been out-of-print for a couple of years now, so we’re excited about this. Once again, the new cover is by Spinachi. This was the last and probably the best of the Thomas Black titles I did while still publishing with Random House. I recently reread Cape and am extremely pleased with how it came out.

Here is one reviewer’s write-up.

“Over the years Emerson has created some memorable characters and thrilling plots, but it’s a rare thriller that can evoke as much emotion as Cape Disappointment does without losing the thrill aspect. One of the wonderful things that has happened since Emerson last wrote about his PI is that his writing has been truly tested, grown and stretched. No thriller would be that without unexpected plot twists and Emerson provides some dandies, but never does he pull a James Patterson-like faux-frantic chapter ending just to leave the reader dangling. Every twist, every complication, has a raison d’être. Cape Disappointment was anything but disappointing. Characterization, pace, tight plotting, complex structure, and strong, muscular prose all combine in a winner of a book. It’s absolutely, far and away, the best thriller I’ve read in ages. Welcome back, Thomas Black!”

  1. Howard Reeher Said,


    Hurry up with your latest! Just had my 85th birthday and need some good reading material.

  2. Eva Vanderheiden Said,

    I read this book when it first came out. I was devastated when the airplane exploded; and then was surprised by twists and turns later. At a reading/personal appearance the author explained the difference in a mystery story or a thriller.

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