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THUMBNAIL_IMAGE Monica’s Sister, the latest Thomas Black mystery, is now available in trade paperback. This is not a mass market paperback, but a larger volume the size of a hardcover.  Because of some of the printer’s restrictions, it will not be available in many bookstores.

It can be found here at Createspace where the author receives the highest royalty. If you eschew the very largest corporations, Barnes and Noble has it here for a $1.30 less. Or you can get it from the very largest corporation selling books at Amazon where the book is the same price as at B&N, $13.37.

It has been available for $8.99 on e-readers since late July: Monica’s Sister on Kindle, or Monica’s Sister on Nook.

Feel free to post a review to Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Goodreads if you like the book. These reviews can be an enormous help to an author and trust me, each one is read and appreciated.

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THUMBNAIL_IMAGEMonica’s Sister, the 13th installment of the Thomas Black mystery series, is now available in a trade paperback edition. Right now this is the only place you can get it. Monica’s Sister in trade paperpack.

In a week or so it will be available at Amazon and later in other places. I’ll post a link.





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My son recently received a free copy of Monica’s Sister and facetiously reviewed it aloud  as he was leaving our house. “Four stars. I haven’t read this book yet, but it’s probably pretty good  since it was written by my father. I would have given it five stars but it cost too much.”



monicassister#7Monica’s Sister is out now in e-book format. This is the 13th Thomas Black and the first novel Earl Emerson has published since 2009.

You can it find here for Kindle readers.

And here for Nook readers.

And here on Kobo.

Note to readers: If you enjoy this mystery please consider writing a review for the online bookstore where you purchased it. Online reviews have taken the place of the marketing department. Also, please tell your friends about this. Your word of mouth replaces the publicity department, also defunct. If you’ve been waiting a long time for a new Earl Emerson novel I can only apologize for the delay. My next Black is nearly complete and will take less time to reach the public than Monica’s Sister. I know a lot of you don’t use e-readers and I apologize for not putting out a paper version at this time.

It’s been a while since you’ve had a new book come out. There are multiple comments here asking about another Thomas Black as well as another Mac Fontana. What’s up?

As we speak I have a Thomas Black with a copy editor, which is the penultimate step in publishing it. It’s called Monica’s Sister. We’ve got a cover for it and we’re planning to self-publish this summer, electronically only at first. I’m not a publishing conglomerate, and I haven’t done this before so I can only give a best approximation of the time frame. I’m shooting for mid July.

Mac Fontana’s another thing entirely. I would love to write more and if I could turn out a book in a couple of weeks, I would. Unfortunately, it takes the better part of a year for me to scribble out a book. The good news is I have another Black about 90% completed and if this self-publishing venture works out, I’ll bring it out next.

Now that you’re retired from the fire department, your former day job, it seems like you should be able to write faster? Any luck with that?

Some. I think once I start publishing myself I’ll feel more impetus to set deadlines and so forth. I’ve lost a lot of time putting my backlist on e-book. I probably shouldn’t have done it in my spare time, should have set aside a few weeks and worked on the backlist exclusively. I’m not very good at juggling a lot of small projects. That’s one reason I like writing novels. One big ongoing project at all times.

You say Monica’s Sister will be coming out electronically? Will there be a paper version?

That has yet to be determined. I would love to follow in the footsteps of other mid-list authors and just simply do what they’ve done, but there are very few other writers to follow at this point. I’m looking for a process to follow but it seems I’m forced to figure out my own process. My thinking is if we put out a paper version it will be trade paperback and will come out several months, if not six months, after the electronic version.

That’s a little bit like the hardcover release and paperback release used to work?

Right. In the old days a hardcover would come out and then maybe a year later, the paperback would be published. The expensive, $25 hardcover would come out and the publisher would make their money, then a year later the paperback version would come out for maybe $4.99, or in later years $7.99. This was the version the great majority of buyers ended up with. Now, anybody with an electronic reader, a notepad, or a computer can read my latest as soon as it comes out for less than $10.

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Deception Pass

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Our latest backlist e-book addition to the award winning Thomas Black private eye series.
Cover by Cinelli.

Barnes and Noble

Booklist  said: “Witty dialogue, intricate plotting . . . Emerson has crafted another gem, dazzling in its many-faceted brilliance yet satisfyingly complete.”


As a rebellious teen, Lainie Smith hooked up with a drifter named Charlie–and she may have been an eyewitness to murder in the shadow of cliff-walled Deception Pass, where the water runs river-swift and turbulent. When justice– and the executioner–finally caught up with Charlie, Lainie was long gone.

But somebody who knows the truth–the whole truth–about Lainie’s dark history is blackmailing her. Lainie won’t tell P. I. Thomas Black why she’s being blackmailed, only that her tormentor “knows things he cannot possibly know.” Just how far will Black’s saintlike client go to bury her past forever?

Can be purchased for $2.99 at Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Click on one of the links.

Now on sale for a limited time only at $2.99 for the e-book.

blackheartsThe Kindle version can be purchased here.

The Nook version at Barnes and Noble can be purchased here.



Here is my favorite Thomas Black. Number 9 in the series, it’s the book wherein Snake is really introduced, though he shows up in at least one earlier work. He is the client; Thomas is the investigator. Kathy is the defense attorney.

You can find it for only $4.99 at Amazon for Kindle here.

It is also available on Nook here. It is best right now to link my titles for Nook here, as the Barnes and Noble site is hopelessly muddled, at least as far as my series goes. I wish I knew how to get into their electronic shelves and straighten things out. But that’s . . . just another project.

From the Los Angeles Times: “The early scene where the corpse is discovered, which includes witty and brittle banter between Black and his new wife, Kathy, and, eventually, the snide comments of the world’s most annoying homicide detective, is so perfectly woozy it produces a nearly euphoric effect.”

Kirkus said: “hands down the wildest Thomas Black novel of them all.”


The Vanishing Smile is now on sale for only $.99 till the end of May. Now you can get all three of the books in the Birchfield trilogy for just $.99 each, but only for another week.

The Vanishing Smile for Kindle at Amazon can be purchased here.

On Nook at Barnes and Noble here.

These three books should be read in order, the only Thomas Blacks I feel should be read in order. If you read them and like them, please post a review. Thank you.

New pricing

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Currently Yellow Dog Party and The Portland Laugher, the first two books in the Birchfield trilogy, are for sale on Kindle and Nook for $.99. You may have to wait a few hours for the new Nook pricing.

Yellow Dog Party: buy here on Kindle, or here on Nook.




The Portland Laugher: buy here on Kindle, or here on Nook.


We’re working on the third in the trilogy, The Vanishing Smile, and should have it up in a week.

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